Podcast # 13: Rachel Ross

Rachel Ross Chicago

Just in time for spring, the podcast is back and there are a number of great interviews lined up! Whether you're looking for inspiration and guidance on how to build health and fitness into everyday life, or training tips and suggestions for your next triathlon, or you just enjoy listening to conversations with some of the brightest people in the Hawaii actif scene - then I think The Long Run … [Read more...]

Rapa Nui Update

EIF-Scholarship Francisca Pakarati, Photograph

It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce the final destination for the fundraising work that Retracing Routledge accomplished in 2014. The Easter Island Foundation manages a scholarship fund (thanks to the work of Marla Wold), and with the amount that was raised, a new bursary has been created and awarded to Rapa Nui student, Francisca Martinez Pakarati. Francisca will be able to … [Read more...]

Aloha Palau


March is marching onwards, and since February has flown by - it's high time for a quick blog post! And first of all - running! In terms of the Hawaii running calendar, the spring is full of fun events that really bring the community out on to the roads. The Great Aloha Run on February 16th is one such run, and a race I was eager to take part in this year. The popular road run attracts … [Read more...]

Interview #9


Interview #9 Lisa Hamilton from The Conscious Runner Lisa Hamilton is a Mom, accomplished runner, coach and founder of the website, "The Conscious Runner", a site, and podcast dedicated to the art of 'being a conscious runner'. But what exactly does that mean? As Lisa describes on her website, being a conscious runner equates to: "...feeling alive and vibrant and having an overall sense of … [Read more...]

Interview #8


Interview #8 Bree Wee   Happy to be posting the first LRY interview of 2015 with Bree Wee, Hawaii's only female PRO triathlete! Bree is a phenomenal athlete, and possibly one of the brightest smilers within the Hawaii sport scene. Renown for her strength and speed, Bree made an impact on the triathlon scene in 2007, and hasn't looked back since, becoming a professional triathlete in … [Read more...]

Reasons to Run


With January each year in Hawaii comes the HURT100. And this year, just as it has done for the last 14 years, the gruelling ultra running event took place around the Tantalus trails of Oahu. ONE HUNDRED MILES - all at once, with very little stopping. Not only does this event cover a very long distance, it also climbs and descends over 20,000ft - 24,935ft to be precise. Everest is … [Read more...]

Enjoy the Ride


This year has been a running roller coaster from the roads of England to the trails of Easter Island with a few side trips thrown in for fun. Finishing 2014 with the Honolulu Marathon was the icing on the cake of an incredible 12 months - full of highs and lows - but I wouldn't ask for anything else. Ok, well a marathon personal best (anything under 3:03) would have been the cherry-on-the-top but … [Read more...]

Interview #7


Interview #7 Polina Carlson In the last year Hawaii's top female distance runner has been taking leaps and strides into the world of female elite running. It has been fantastic to see the career of Polina Carlson blossom and LRY was lucky enough to catch up with her as she prepares for her fall marathon. LRY: Hi Polina! Last year, you were the first interview on The Long Run Lifestyle so … [Read more...]

Survey Review & News!

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 19.30.07

Survey: What are the biggest frustrations we have with running? This was the question I posed on Facebook and Twitter recently, to try and find out if it was the big 'I', injury, that causes many of us to hang up our running shoes from time to time. And as the results came in, it quickly became obvious that injuries are indeed the No. 1 frustration of most runners - 45% of all respondents. … [Read more...]

Weekend Bakes


The weather in Hawaii has been windy and cool recently, which means that it's ok to turn the oven on and do some baking!! Hooray! Today I made an updated version of my Mum's flapjack recipe and also tested a new spirulina & taro based energy biscuit/ cookie/ bite-sized thing that for now I'm calling a 'Green Mana Bite' - but I'm open to ideas and suggestions?! Spirulina is such an awesome, … [Read more...]